As the advertisers representative body ISBA sits on a wide range of organisations to ensure the advertiser Voice is heard.  We are also committed to work with sister ad industry bodies to ensure a clear voice for commercial communications.

ISBA sits right at the heart of the advertising industry, we represent £10 billion of annual spend. We take this representative role very seriously, with more than 60 Chairmen, MDs and Marketing Directors who help shape our agenda on our Council and Executive. Over 300 individual members feed into advertiser policy via our Action and Working Groups.

ISBA Directors and representative members sit on regulatory bodies, audience measurement organisations and UK and global ad industry and business groups.

Speaking to government

ISBA is the voice of responsible advertisers with Government and regulators.  We feed into public consultation, we represent advertisers in pre consultation approaches and we talk directly to decision takers at all levels. We liaise with parliaments and administrations throughout the UK.  We have a particular role to represent advertisers with our regulators in the UK, including Ofcom, the OFT, the Gambling Commission and the Financial Conduct Authority.
The European Parliament, Commission and Council, are some of the major influencers on the regulatory environment for advertisers.  Where ever possible we achieve a thoughtful and coordinated industry voice via the World Federation of Advertisers and EASA . The WHO and the UN are taking an increasing interest in advertising matters.  Globally we achieve our share of voice through both the WFA and the ICC. 

Working with agencies and media

As the advertisers voice we work to achieve a clear public understanding about the importance and value of advertising.  We do this through advertiser funding of the UK Advertising Association.  It is in the AA that advertisers, advertising agencies and media come together. Where ever possible we support a single view from the whole advertising industry.  ISBA is a member of all AA groups and committees. Similarly we work with our sister bodies in the adverting industry, including the IPA, the DMA, the IPM, the AOP and ESA.

Supporting self-regulation

We are members of our self-regulatory bodies  CAP and BCAP where we represent the voice of advertisers in the writing and revising of the K advertising codes.

We also maintain good relations with the advertising pre-clearance bodies (Clearcast and RACC)

Ensuring good audience measurement

ISBA was founded in 1900 to develop reliable audience measurement.  it is just important today.  we work alongside the UK media measurement bodies, both traditional (e.g. ABC) and the online joint industry committees (JICIMS and JICWEBS)