ISBA member Action Groups and Working Groups are the power house for advertiser’s policy making.  All groups report to the Executive Committee and are advised by directors and ISBA staff.

Competition compliance

ISBA’s purpose is to represent its members and to protect the freedom to advertise responsibly.  It is ISBA policy to avoid any anti-competitive activity either by its members or by others.

The guiding principle for ISBA meetings and activities is that whatever action or policy is discussed it is up to each member individually to take its own advice and to decide what steps it will take in any trading relationships.  ISBA may facilitate discussion between members on matters of common interest but ISBA will never do more than assist members.  Discussions between members within ISBA will never amount to collective decisions.

Any data supplied to ISBA by members for benchmarking exercises will be retained on a confidential basis and will never be disclosed to other members except in any anonymised form where individual companies cannot be identified.

ISBA meetings will only be held on the basis of agendas prepared in advance, and recorded by minutes prepared shortly afterwards.  Members should only use these minutes and should not make their own records of meetings.

There will be no discussion at meetings (or before or after meetings) or online of confidential commercially-sensitive information, including especially information as to prices, advertising rates, discounts or terms of trade.  The chair person will halt any discussion that strays into these areas.