The Purpose 

COMPAG exists to explore innovations and seek solutions to key communications issues encountered by ISBA’s Marketing Procurement community; we work together to collectively develop the marketing procurement function and its effectiveness; both internally within member companies and externally with the agency marketplace. We do this by sharing best-practice information; producing best-practice documents and guidance; hosting seminars and events; and tackling industry issues and when appropriate lobbying appropriate influencers.  The group does not take action for its own individual benefit, but in the spirit of raising standards and practices across the industry on behalf of all ISBA members.

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Group Structure

Traci Dunne: Consultancy Manager, manages the group; builds the agendas with the Joint Chairs,     organises the speakers and co-ordinates the meetings.

Chair: Minnie Najran, Microsoft
Deputy Chair:
Sarah Swaney, Johnson & Johnson


• The COMPAG community consists of approximately 250 members;

‘Core’ members regularly attend meetings, receive all communications and actively engage with the rest of the community.

‘Associate’ members do not attend the meetings, perhaps they are not UK based or don’t work on the days the meetings take place - this group of people are kept informed of the group’s operations by email via the meeting outputs, and like Core members, they have access to the COMPAG web page where all of the presentations are kept. 


The rest of the ISBA team:
Debbie Morrison: Director of Consultancy and Best Practice
Bex Baldwin: Consultancy Executive
Jodie Knight: Consultancy Assistant


The Meetings

COMPAG meetings are held approximately every eight weeks at the ISBA offices on Thursdays  – download the 2017 dates here

All meetings abide by strict adherence to competition law and Chatham House roles apply to all discussions, our compliance statement appears on all agendas and outputs and all papers and content is vetted by ISBA’s retained Competition Lawyer.

The meeting format is designed to be interactive/workshop style with groups sitting together on smaller tables, external speakers and experts from the marketplace come to present in an informal way, the group then debates this content and on occasion produces an output based on collective knowledge.

Where possible, meetings are themed around a key topic which we ‘lift the lid’ on and we often encourage COMPAG members to invite relevant marketing colleagues along to these sessions dependent upon topic.

There is no restriction on numbers, you are welcome to attend with your colleagues we simply ask you ensure you book enough places by emailing Jodie.



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