Agency Management Workshops

Agency rosters: models and management - Half day

In a rapidly changing business and marketing environment, the design, management and performance of agency rosters is proving to be a critical challenge for both procurement and marketing professionals. Delegates will learn strategies and tactics to successful deliver high performance/high value agency rosters.

Understanding agency finances and their impact on commercial arrangements – Half day 

This workshop provides a review of how agency finances operate and the implications for remuneration negotiations and commercial controls. Delegates will gain valuable insights into how agencies really work, and identify the areas to focus on in managing the relationship.

Best practice agency pitches, appointment and alignment   

This course provides a practical guide to shortlisting and appointing the right agencies for both short and long term benefit. The course will look at how to approach creating the right shortlist and manage a best practice pitch.

Driving the best work and greater value from your agencies – Half day 

This half day workshop provides a thorough grounding in what makes creative agencies produce their best work and deliver greater value for brands or business. The course looks at how to structure effective working between both internal and external stakeholders.