Agency Fee Benchmarking

From tailored advice on agency fee proposals, comprehensive benchmarking pools on agency charge-out rates to empirical research on how and what advertisers are paying their agencies - there is something to help any advertisers wanting to evaluate the value of their own agency fees. Contact a member of the team to discuss your needs.


Getting good value from Agency fees?

One of the most frequently asked questions by ISBA members is 'how do we know we are getting good value from our agency fees?' Consequently we have built a suite of information specifically designed to provide advertisers with benchmarks against which they can compare and contrast their own arrangements. 


Our tailored Service

If you would like an independent and confidential view of your agency fee proposal get in touch with us and we will produce an analysis for you to use as you wish.  We advise on more than 60 fee proposals each year so we have a wealth of knowledge to apply. If you would just like to 'talk remuneration' we are always open to a confidential chat to share our knowledge of the marketplace.



Self-Help Resources for you

We have many documents which you can use to help evaluate/analyse/provide direction on your own situation:






Agency rate benchmark survey 2014

The latest set of ISBA agency rate pool benchmark data is developed from information collected confidentially from ISBA members. The information is intended to give a broad indication of what total charge-out rates clients are paying for a range of agency personnel and covers ATL, BTL, Digital, PR, Integrated, Social, Offline and Online Media. The data details the lowest and highest rates ranges indicated through our research; an average; the mode; the median and the number of samples.

This study was conducted between July and September 2014 and the analysis covers over 200 agency agreements. The agency rate benchmark analysis is now available. We will be continually looking to improve and extend this information, and anyone requesting the data who has not inputted to the 2014 survey, will be required to complete the survey before being given access to the results. 

It is important to note that these are not ‘ISBA recommended rates’ but purely an indication of what is happening in the market.

If you are an ISBA member and would like to get access to the generic analysis then please get in touch with Bex Baldwin