Media 2020 Refresh study

Have you ever wondered how other organisations are approaching the marketing transformation that's sweeping the industry?

Our latest tracking study, Media2020: Refresh, conducted in conjunction with MediaSense and IPSOS Connect, features insights from ISBA members, including over 260 senior marketers and media decision makers, outlining the steps they are taking to organise themselves to meet the rapidly evolving media ecosystem. As one of the most comprehensive surveys on marketing change management to date, the research builds on trends identified in a similar study conducted in 2015.


• Brands are taking more control: customer data is empowering marketing to drive growth

• Brands are building marketing teams around their data capability and seeing the benefits

• Brands expect transparency to be fixed, but brand safety is causing sleepless nights

• The measurement industry is failing brands on multiple fronts

• Brands are falling out of love with technology

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The ISBA In-House Agency Survey 

ISBA’s new research insights on how brands are using in-house and on-site agencies: Report available now

The marketing world we all now operate in is evolving at an ever faster pace, demanding more data led, agile content across multiple platforms.  Many brands have told us that they now feel they know their consumers better than their external agencies, for many social data streams flow directly into their organisations,  consequently many brands have started to explore building their own talent in-house where they can respond directly to data flow in real time. 

In recent years ISBA Consultancy has had many conversations with CMO’s seeking advice on marketing transformation, and in particular new modes of operating to ensure digital was at the heart of activities.   This is when we first started to see brands expressing an interest in seriously on-boarding talent in-house and also up-skilling existing capabilities.

So we are delighted that we have been able to establish some empirical data on use of in-house agency options.  Over one third of ISBA member have an in-house (39%) or on-site (33%) agency and 14% of you have both.  

We presented the insights at an Ad Week Europe session, if you’d like to hear more, you can take a look at the video which can be found here.

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Media2020: Preparing for a very different

Media Ecosystem

The research, a combination of in-depth interviews with 30 senior marketers and a survey completed by 200 senior decision-makers, seeks to address current concerns and provide marketers with reassurance and guidance on how to be successful in what will be a very different media environment.

  What will the media landscape of the future look like? How will agency models change and what effect will these changes have? How can we prepare for future changes?

These are just some of the many, many questions advertisers have been asking us and media advisory firm, MediaSense, in relation to our rapidly evolving media marketplace. Both the level of concern amongst our members and the pace at which media is currently and continues to change, led to the launch of our landmark visioning research study, Media2020. 

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ISBA research study on Evaluating Creative

Agency Performance
 Our new study reveals what ISBA members think about their creative agency’s  performance.  This comprehensive study, offering a 15 year perspective, will allow  advertisers to benchmark  how their own agency performance compares to the market.   

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