Good content is not new, but it’s here to stay

24 June 2014
Mario Yiannacou explains what ISBA is doing to help its members make content marketing work for them.

As you might expect, in producing a paper on Content Marketing I have read numerous articles on the subject and watched many an expert explain how in their view content marketing is about to change the world of advertising as we currently know it. They may well be right, but it rather depends on who you are. To quote industry pundit Seth Godin “Content marketing is the only marketing left...”

Sensing our members’ growing interest in content marketing, (and how to do it!), last summer we began putting together a paper to unravel what was to most people then just a new and exciting term, and to dispel a few myths. With input from the Content Marketing Association, Branded Content Marketing Association and two leading content marketing agencies, Redwood and Seven, the paper is now ready and available to ISBA members.

What content marketing represents is not new. At a recent ISBA networking evening John Silcox, Managing Director of John Brown, referred to the tractor manufacturer John Deere’s magazine The Furrow, which despite being published back in 1895 still exists online today, in 14 languages and markets worldwide.

One definition of Content Marketing is information put in front of the intended audience in the right place at the right time. And sometimes not even at the right time! With the rapid advancement in technology and the ability to track consumers’ habits coupled with a few pieces of personal information, advertisers can now build an intended target audience.

In a recent MediaTel article, the study, 'What UK Media Owners Say', was published by Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG). In it the opinions of senior level executives from across UK media companies were gathered. Content marketing came a close second to programmatic buying in terms of the “most important factor to future business success” gaining 61% of the vote.

It seems Content Marketing is here to stay. Booking onto the soon-to-be-launched workshop or downloading our new paper “Choosing and Using Content Partnerships & Content Marketing”, is a good starting point for all advertisers who are beginning to think about Content Marketing or have already started to embrace this new marketing term.

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