Onboarding Martech Vendors: The Marketers Solution

08 September 2017
The marketing team at Barclays have created an easy to use guide to simplify the onboading of martech vendors.

Making on-boarding martech solutions easier - prepared by marketers for marketers

One of the major challenges facing marketers is ensuring their organisation partners with the right people. When it comes to identifying and on-boarding tech suppliers, including ad servers, demand-side platforms and tag management systems, the number available and complexity of companies offering marketing technology solutions makes it that much more difficult, significantly drawing out the decision making process.

So what's the solution? While there are many approaches, the marketing team at Barclays, an ISBA member, have created a simple checklist to provide the information required from your tech vendors. In fact, the document is so straightforward that it benefits both advertisers and tech vendors by reducing the review and sign up process.

The document itself was designed to make the onboarding process more practical, with the brief being to employ the most innovative tech solutions, while minimising business risk.

Working closely with their colleagues in legal, compliance, information policy, data privacy, risk, fraud and information security, the marketing team at Barclays have created a document that reflects the modern industry, ensuring all relevant questions were incorporated and reflecting current developments, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with provisions for data protection also included in the brief.

Barclays have made the document available to all ISBA members and as more and more organisations use this document, the bar will be raised within the industry. The longer term aim is to for martech vendors to provide accurate detail at a higher level as standard practice.

Special thanks to Barclays for making this document available to ISBA members and other groups, especially Nicola Shepherd, Head of Media, and David Joyson, Head of Search & Acquisition.

To obtain your free copy of the guidance, please contact Jodie Knight.

I would love to receive your feedback on the guidance.

David Ellison
Marketing Services Manager, ISBA davide@isba.org.uk

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