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McDonald's & Niche 

21 September 

Many thanks to the 70+ people who attended last night's #ISBAinsights event at Twitter HQ! We had two excellent presentations from Niche, giving both the commercial and creators point of views. We also had a really unique opportunity to hear from Emily Somers from McDonald's, who gave us some really wonderful learnings about the realities of the marketing world and making the brand relatable to all.

We'll be uploading photos and video content from the night soon, so be sure to check back.

Event Details


Luke Townsin
Head of Niche, EMEA at Twitter

With the growing importance of creator marketing in the media mix, Luke will give Niche's perspective on the current trends in this growing space and talk about some of the work Niche has recently been doing for UK advertisers. He will challenge the assumption that creator marketing is only for 'cool' brands who can afford to work with creators with millions of followers.

Furthermore, you will hear from a creator himself, Ben Waddleton (Supa Shakes). A professional animator, Ben has worked with numerous brands over the past 3 years and will provide tips and insight as to what brands should know when partnering with digital creators.

Acquired by Twitter in 2015, Niche is the leading global network for digital creators. It's mission is to help creators monetise and thrive by connecting them to brands all over the world. 


Emily Somers
Vice President Marketing & Food Development, McDonald's UK 

McDonald’s is one of the biggest and most famous brands in the world. A potent combination of democracy (every type of person goes to McDonald’s), intimacy (your own experience is very personal) and scrutiny (everyone has an opinion) means that marketing must speak to everyone yet address each customer’s particular combination of needs, hopes and worries. From the unique power of TV advertising to a gig in just one restaurant, McDonald’s strives to talk to all of us while being relevant to each of us, using strategic and creative platforms to deliver personally relevant marketing on a huge scale. Emily Somers will explain.

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Jane - Head of Membership, ISBA

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