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Designed to provide ISBA members with valuable insight and give them the opportunity to network with their contemporaries in the media and advertising industry. ISBA's Insight & Networking Evenings are delivered in partnership with to shine a light on topical industry issues.


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 Our next Insight session in London takes place on 8 October 2014. 

 This summer John Lewis launched JLAB -  a competitively run technology incubator, seeking innovative ideas across in-store, Internet of Things products, services and real-time data projects. 

As Paul Coby, John Lewis’  IT Director, said “we don’t have the monopoly on all the great ideas about how you can use technology in retail”. So, JLab offered start-ups the opportunity to pitch their technology ideas with a prize of a £100k investment and the opportunity to work with John Lewis for the winning idea. The five finalists worked on ideas including 3D room planners, in-store entertainment systems using iBeacons and in-store tracking systems. 
Paul Coby will be speaking to us about John Lewis's fascinating project, some of the technology ideas he saw, plus how and why they decided on a winner. He will also speak about how this new technology will be incorporated into John Lewis’s overall strategy on improving their customers' shopping experience. 


 We will also be joined by Shaun Smith, Founder of Smith+Co Consultancy, who will be looking at 'How to build advocacy through your customer experience'. From the very first contact with your organisation, through to the last, every single touch point forms an impression on your customer that either adds value to your brand or destroys it. For some companies, the experience is intentional; for others – it’s left to chance. Hear insights from Shaun Smith (founder of Smith+Co consultancy) and Tim Wade (Partner) on what it takes to differentiate and build advocacy through customer experience and gain first-hand knowledge on the brands that are succeeding.

Date: 8 October 2014 Venue: ISBA, 12 Henrietta Street, London WC2E 8LH Time: 17:45 - 20:30

Email Jane to book your place. Add to your calendar. 


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