2016 Annual Conference                 09.03.2016


09 March 2016    ¦    The Kia Oval, London SE11    

Many thanks to everyone who attended ISBA's 28th Annual Conference 9th March 2016, at the Kia Oval.

We had 300+ members, agency heads and media owners present for what was a highly thought provoking and relevant event, covering themes as diverse as artificial intelligence, regulation, ad blocking and how to embrace the vlogging phenomenon. 

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2016 Agenda

Session 1



Mike Hughes, Director General, ISBA


ISBA President's Address

Simon Litherland, Chief Executive, Britvic plc

ISBA's President reviewed the past 12 months and outlined our priorities for the year ahead. View his full speech here >


A political perspective

The Rt Hon John Whittingdale MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport

The Rt Hon John Whittingdale addressed the challenges for advertisers, media and the government. Read more here >


A view from our regulator...

Tony Close, Director of Content Standards, Licensing & Enforcement, OFCOM

Views from the industry's broadcast regulator on the challenges facing the industry.

Watch Tony's presentation here > 


A challenging year ahead…

David Wheldon, Chief Marketing Officer RBS and President, World Federation of Advertisers
David assumed his CMO role at RBS following a sequence of senior marketing roles at Coca-Cola, Vodafone and Barclays. He is also the current President of the World Federation of Advertisers. He therefore brings a broader perspective than most to the challenges that marketers will face in the year ahead. View his full presentation here >


Session 2

Ad Blocking Panel Discussion

 Peter Markey
Post Office
 Dominic Good
Financial Times
 Rotem Dar
Adblock Plus
Dr Johnny Ryan

Ad-blocking software has been around for a while but spread rapidly in the last year. Our expert panel discussed the threat and what to do to mitigate it. Watch the full debate here >


Programmatic - the future?

Niall Hogan
Integral Ad Science
Nick Reid
Jodi McDermott

In the future will everything be traded programmatically? Three perspectives are delivered from comScore, Integral Ad Science and TubeMogul. Watch the full discussion here >

Media2020 & Beyond


Graham Brown

Paul Davies
Andrew Mortimer
Kathryn Heap
Royal Mail

In a very fast paced, digital and programmatic media marketplace, how are advertisers getting ready for a media2020 ecosystem? Fuelled by revealing research conducted by ISBA & MediaSense, this session put the 2020 media landscape under the microscope, highlighting what brands need to start doing now to maximise future investments.


Life stages of Advertising Mail – An ISBA conference exclusive!

Jonathan Harman, Managing Director, Royal Mail MarketReach                   
Consumers of all life stages continue to engage with and respond to mail.  Jonathan Harman shared an in-depth study into how mail consumption and response to mail varies at different life stages along with guidance on how to optimise mail efficiency for each. The first time that this research was been presented anywhere. 


Session 3 


Business transformation in a digital age

Olivier Binse – Head of Digital Advisory, Deloitte Digital
How to transform into a digital business rather than just adding digital bling!

Watch Olivier's full presentation here >


Millennials are from Mars, Centennials are from Venus

Helen Weisinger
Neil Davidson

HeyHuman shared their insights on the real opportunity for brands and Centennials, the first truly digital and mobile natives - the relationships they value, what they swipe right for, and how to connect with this pragmatic, post millennial mind-set. View the full presentation here >

The Coming AI Revolution

Michael Florence Head of Planning, PHD and co-author of Sentience

Michael took us on journey into the AI-driven world of 2029 and the implications of AI enabled marketing. With many of our purchasing choices made through “sentient” virtual personal assistants, what does this mean for brands and how they adapt to reach the consumer?

Watch Michael's full presentation here >


The vlogging year

Jo Farmer
Lewis Silkin
 Dominic Smales
Gleam Futures

A year is a long time in our agile marketing world, so how have relationships between vloggers and brands progressed over the last 12 months? Gleam and prominent vloggers, Jim Chapman and Caspar Lee, shared their perspectives. Jo Farmer also presented 10 Top Tips that brands should think about before contracting or working with vloggers and bloggers. View both presentations here >

The Talent Revolution 

Hugh Pile
Shuvo Saha
Google Digital Academy

Julia Porter
 Guardian News & Media

 Lisa Bowcott
 Saatchi & Saatchi

Grant Duncan
 Spencer Stuart

Attracting and retaining the right marketing talent, capable of operating in the fast evolving agile marketing world is currently a headache for CMO’s. Where will the new talent come from, what capabilities are now required, how do you up-skill your existing teams and keep the talent once you’ve found it?  A panel of senior advertisers, led by the Google Digital Academy discussed how they are approaching this subject. View the full panel discussion here >


Closing Drinks sponsored by Advertising Week Europe 

  Drinks sponsored by Advertising Week Europe. 

 Dominic Good
Financial Times
 Dominic Good
Financial Times


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