Digital Issues

Over the last 20 years ISBA's Digital Action Group has been a leading force in lobbying and policy, identifying and resolving issues, as well as producing guidance and best practice on behalf of ISBA members.

Significant issues for 2017 concern:

ISBA champions self-regulation, and we have been heavily involved in establishing the self-regulatory framework on online behavioural advertising (the advertising icon), the cross-industry Ad Viewability standard and the Ad Fraud seal.

ISBA has also been instrumental in the Digital Trading Standards Group, which has produced the Best Practice Principles and the Infringing Website List (a unique example of the City of London Police and the advertising industry working together) both of which are now available to industry.

During 2017 we will be helping members comply with the General Data Protection Directive (GDPR).

ISBA is at the heart of the debate covering transparency and value Programmatic, producing two Guidance documents and five events exclusively for members.

If you would like to discuss any of these issues please contact David Ellison.