ISBA welcomes plans for Digital Single Market

06 May 2015
European Commission launches Digital Single Market Strategy
ISBA welcomes the announcement of the ‘Digital Single Market’ by the European Commission. The strategy includes a three pillar plan to deliver by 2016 better e-commerce for consumers, the right conditions for digital services and maximisation of economic growth. 

ISBA’s Director of Public Affairs, Ian Twinn, said of the EU outlines:

“We now live our lives online. Cross-border regulation is smart and sensible for businesses, consumers and ultimately the economy. A Digital Single Market could potentially add up to ‘€415bn’ to the EU economy resulting in economic growth, and jobs in a sector that in which Britain leads the way in. It allows advertisers to reach a bigger audience and a good starting point to create better services for the customer through choice and quality of services online.”

European Commission - Digital Single Market Strategy:

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