Vast improvement in tools that protects brands’reputation online.

07 May 2015
Vast improvement in tools that protects brands’reputation online.

Alex Bennett, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Nationwide has welcomed the improvements that are being made in Online Brand Safety especially after reports highlighted the reputational risks to companies.

Content Verification products are part of a suite of tools available to advertisers to protect their brand reputations online. Online Brand Safety is something all advertisers take extremely seriously. Advertisements from reputable companies appearing alongside heinous/embarrassing content could have untold damage on brands, ruining their reputations and image.  

Alex Bennett, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Nationwide and member of ISBA’s Digital Action Group, said: “The volume of marketing budget allocated to digital channels continues to grow, yet there are still questions from many advertisers regarding Online Brand Safety. Recent press reports have highlighted the reputational damage that can be caused by ad misplacement. Knowing that there are tools available that can significantly reduce the risk to our brand is extremely important and the ABC ‘stamp of trust’ gives an extra level of assurance when selecting a partner to work with.”

David Ellison, Marketing Services Manager, ISBA commented: “With the increasing automation of online display advertising there is a greater risk that advertiser’s brands will appear on inappropriate websites and against inappropriate content, photos and videos. We therefore recommend a suite of Brand Safety tools including those certified for content verification. ABC’s independent certification provides transparency around these products to increase trust in online advertising”


Notes to Editors.


On 29 April the Audience Bureau of Circulations (ABC), the industry body for media measurement,   released its latest 6-monthly Content Verification Report, providing a comparison of 3 independently certified Content Verification products and their ability to prevent ad delivery next to inappropriate content. The ABC report shows an improvement in the capabilities of all of the products tested. This is a welcome development for advertisers looking to improve their brands’ safety online.

ComScore’s vCE Validation, DoubleVerify’s DV Digital Impression Quality – Real-Time Ad Blocking and Integral Ad Science’s The AdSafe Firewall are the three tools that have been testing in line with the Content Verification Product Principles, laid out by the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS). By being tested, these companies are demonstrating their commitment to transparency and helping the industry work towards reducing the risk of misplacement.  

Notably, in this round of testing each product displayed significant improvement against one of the Principles, with response times halving, on average, compared to results from previous testing.  The full report is available here -

Another CV tool has also signed up to the programme and is working towards certification.


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