ISBA welcomes new AA Chairman

14 May 2015
Mike Hughes welcomes new AA Chairman

ISBA – the voice of British advertisers, has welcomed the appointment of James Murphy, Founder and CEO of Adam & Eve/DDB as the new Chairman of the Advertising Association (AA). James replaces Cilla Snowball as chairman in June, on completion of her three year term at the AA. 

Mike Hughes, ISBA’s Director General, said:

“I am delighted to welcome James Murphy as the new Chairman of the Advertising Association, and wish him all the best of in his new role.

James brings a wealth of experience and insight  to the role and I look forward to working with him In moving the important AA agenda forward.”

On the outgoing Chair, Cilla Snowball, Mike added:

"Cilla Snowball has made a significant contribution as Chair of the AA, and  her passion, energy and focus has enabled the AA to materially  advance the role and contribution of advertising in the UK."


About ISBA – the Voice of British Advertisers

ISBA is the only body focused solely on the interests of advertisers in the UK. With over 450 advertisers in membership representing in excess of £10bn spend on marketing communications, ISBA protects its members’ freedom to advertise responsibly and maximise their effectiveness in deploying their marketing spend.

ISBA is the advertiser member of the UK Advertising Association, and advertisers representative on CAP and BCAP the UK advertising code owning body. We are also active members of the International Chamber of Commerce Advertising and Marketing Commission, and members of the WFA based in Brussels. 

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