BBC Charter Review

17 July 2015
The BBC is governed by a Royal Charter, with the current Charter due to expire at the end of 2016. The Government’s consultation paper - a ‘Green Paper’ - is the first stage of the process in setting a new Charter.

The Secretary of State for Culture John Whittingdale announced the review of the BBC Charter. Ian Twinn ISBA's head of public affairs, said:

“Advertisers will take a very close interest in the review announced by John Whittingdale.  Most of us as individuals will have a fondness for ‘Auntie’ balanced by the occasional flashes of irritation.

What worries us is that the BBC takes a compulsory levy on all households and uses this, perhaps unintentionally, to undermine other media outlets.  The Review and the panel have come under sustained attack form those with a vested interest in maintaining a high spending BBC.  We however welcome a review from people with an affection for the BBC but who are not wearing rose coloured spectacles" 

Notes to editors

Media enquiries - ISBA's News and Communications team -  0207 291 9020 - 07901 528 980 

  1. The consultation paper on the BBC Charter Review can be found online.
  2. The public can feed in their views through an online consultation
  3. A copy of the BBC Royal Charter laid before Parliament in October 2006 can be found online

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