Ofcom to take over regulation of video on demand content from ATVOD

14 October 2015

Ofcom act to close down the video on demand regulator ATVOD. Advertising co-regulation with ASA/CAP remains in place.

From 1 Jan 2016 Ofcom will take the content regulation in house.

Since 2010 ATVOD has been the co-regulator for editorial content for video-on-demand services, including catch up TV, on demand services on TV and the internet.

The existing co-regulatory agreement with ASA/CAP covering advertising remains in place.

ISBA welcomes this sensible move back to the pre-ATVOD arrangement. The steady convergence of traditional TV with online services means that the dual regulators were not cost effective. ISBA had originally argued for Ofcom to be the sole content regulator at the time of ATVOD’s establishment.

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