ISBA’s director of media and advertising to leave after 20 years of service.

25 January 2016

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Date: 25.01.2016



ISBA’s director of media and advertising to leave after 20 years of service.

Bob Wootton, ISBA’s Director of Media and Advertising has decided to leave on his 20th anniversary to pursue a portfolio of interests, including one of his passions - guitars.

Mike Hughes, ISBA Director General, said:

“Bob brought his serious skills as a media buyer to the client side of the table, developing those skills as the media landscape transformed. Advertisers and the whole industry have been the beneficiaries of his 20 years in ISBA’s media chair.

“During Bob’s time guiding ISBA’s media agenda with our members we have seen some serious achievements on traditional media, and, importantly, refocused advertisers on the issues arising from the fast-changing digital media ecology.

“Advertisers continue to benefit from the epic campaign Bob led at the time a single ITV was formed and CRR was born. Media consolidation remains one of the key considerations advertisers face, alongside the various issues of ad blocking, ad fraud, brand safety, viewability and data ownership in the digital space.  Bob’s clear leadership has helped ISBA members navigate an increasingly complex media landscape.

 “ISBA members and staff alike will miss his telling leadership and friendship but naturally wish him every success in this next stage of life”



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