Competition and Markets Authority: CMA tackles undisclosed advertising

06 April 2016
The Competition and Market Authority (CMA) has secured undertaking to tackle undisclosed advertising in online article and blogs.

In the USA the FTC made it clear some time ago that native advertising is an ad. Our own ad regulator the ASA and Code owner CAP, started to cover all commercial communications, wherever they appear.

It is good therefore that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has also concluded from its own investigations that undisclosed advertising in online articles and blogs is simply wrong. To that end, they have released new information and advice for brands on how to comply with consumer protection law as it relates to online endorsements. 

For a full overview of the CMA guidelines, and insights on non-disclosure and fake reviews, visit the CMA website:  

Advice from the CMA >

All advertisers should be aware that the CMA investigation centered on marketing companies arranging endorsements for clients in online articles and blogs.

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