ISBA on Brexit

24 June 2016
The vote to leave should not result in rash or sudden decisions by advertisers, agencies or media

ISBA's and Ian Twinn's statement on the UK referendum result. 

As the UK voted to leave the EU after 43 years. Advertisers will be assessing if this means advantage or problems to come.

'First, this is a decisive result reflecting a call for change. Secondly it is not clear what change will look like in the short term or the final new relationship with Brussels.'

'The UK ad industry remains strong as a global player and we are confident that this vote provides significant opportunities as the dust settles.' 

'We now start a two year period whilst we agree with Brussels what our relationship will be. There will be a great deal in terms of advertising and consumer law that came from the EU that will remain in UK law'

'Whether pleased, surprised or saddened by this vote to leave Business should do what good and successful business does...'

'It is business as usual, we are in the EU for at least 2 yrs and may be longer. Rash decisions in business or politics rarely pay off' Ian Twinn director of public affairs.

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