18 January 2017

Press Release

Date: 17.01.2017 


 Brexit Plan 

The UK government appears to be organised in developing a coherent strategy to achieve Brexit. Clearly opinions differ from those who want to leave, or those who want to remain, and those who voted remain and now support a clean break from the EU. ISBA has not taken a position on Brexit. As you would appreciate our members have varied views on BREXIT, THE PLAN, and the OUTCOME. Whatever the outcome of BREXIT the advertising industry will carry on doing great work and contributing to the British economy.

“The prime minister’s speech clarifies to some extent the UK government’s approach to Brexit negotiations and is therefore helpful. More businesses will now begin to plan on the basis that the UK will be leaving the single market and the customs union. The emerging shape of the ensuing free trade deals will be critical to many of ISBA’s members.” Phil Smith, ISBA’s Director General 


About ISBA – the Voice of British Advertisers

ISBA is the only body focused solely on the interests of advertisers in the UK. With over 450 advertisers in membership representing in excess of £10bn spend on marketing communications, ISBA protects its members’ freedom to advertise responsibly and maximise their effectiveness in deploying their marketing spend.

ISBA is the advertiser member of the UK Advertising Association, and advertisers representative on CAP and BCAP the UK advertising code owning body. We are also active members of the International Chamber of Commerce Advertising and Marketing Commission, and members of the WFA based in Brussels.

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