• 30 November 2017

    On Tuesday (28.11), ISBA Director General Phil Smith appeared at a House of Lords Select Committee hearing on communications to discuss the advertising industry.

    Joined by Katharine Newby Grant, Associate Director, Media – Northern Europe at P&G, the meeting was an opportunity to highlight the advertiser’s perspective on the challenges on a range of issues including digital advertising and the impact of Brexit.

    Key Outcomes

    • Influence:
      Having an influence on issues such as data regulations post Brexit was highlighted as a key concern, with Smith urging that the ICO continue to have a seat on the data management board after we leave the EU.
    • Attracting Talent:
      Highlighting the importance of London’s position as a creative/tech hub, both speakers outlined the need to maintain access to the creative talent to ensure the industry remains strong and visible.
    • Challenges in Digital Marketing:
      A number of concerns regarding diminishing trust and a general lack of consumer support for digital advertising were raised throughout the inquiry. The key attraction for digital advertisers is reach; as consumers spend more time online, advertisers naturally follow. While advertising can fund excellent content, the lack of proper regulation and standards in the online world results in content that is often inappropriate and it is up to the advertiser to decide whether a channel is right for them or not.

    Phil also outlined two key areas of ISBA activity:

    • Our push for a much more proactive approach to vetting content before it is deemed suitable for brand advertising and for tighter monitoring and tougher action on inappropriate user comments. 
    • Standards: as a founding member of JICWEBS, we will continue to work towards an industry standard and third-party verification as standard.

    The full session is available to watch on Parliament's website.