Training Programme 2017-18

About Our Workshops

ISBA runs a wide-ranging programme of workshops throughout the year at our offices in central London.

Below is an overview of the individual themes we cover in our workshop programme and when they take place. Further details about each workshop and how to book your place is available from Elvira or by telephoning Elvira Bagge on 020 7291 9020.


  • All our trainers are experts: experienced practitioners who not only teach best practice but draw on pragmatic, real life situations to apply that practice to day-to-day working
  • Groups are small in size to allow for inter-active learning that delivers skills for immediate use in what you do every day
  • ISBA has over 30 years of marcoms training experience and our learning is completely impartial
  • ISBA courses are accredited and CPD certified

Agency Management

Driving the best work and greater value from your creative agencies - am only
A broad grounding on how to manage and motivate agencies to produce their best work and deliver greater value for your brand or business.

Understanding agency finances and their impact on commercial arrangements - am only
A review of how agency finances operate and the implications for remuneration negotiations and commercial controls. 

Best practice agency pitches, appointment and alignment 
A practical guide to shortlisting and appointing the right agencies for both short and long term benefit.

Agency remuneration and payment by results - am only
Getting to grips with agency fee structures and maximising the benefits of reward-based remuneration.

Agency rosters: models and management - am only
In a rapidly changing business and marketing environment, the design, management and performance of agency rosters is proving to be a critical challenge for both Procurement and Marketing professionals. 



Better briefing - writing and delivering the marketing communications brief 
Agency briefing must start with the right introduction to business objectives and the marketing strategies for achieving them. 

Briefing and appraising creative ideas 
Helping marketers to improve their briefing techniques and appraise creative ideas more effectively, to inspire excellence in their agencies.


Understanding TV commercial production 
An up-to-the-minute insight from leading consultants actively engaged with major advertisers in the control of the full spectrum of advertising production.

How to work with your media agency and ensure the best ROI from your budget 
A one day course on the ins and outs of the media world.

Managing the media communications process
A workshop designed to up-skill any marketer on the four key stages of media communications process.


Making sense of social media 
An overview of social media and how it is affecting businesses at every level. The workshop will deliver best practice, tips on how to develop your own strategies as well as examples of good and bad uses of social media.

Digital marketing - from bolt-on to centre of gravity 
Putting digital right at the heart of the marketing communications strategy to maximise brand experience.

Beyond like: advanced social media for brands
This course will take you beyond the basic mechanics of how each social network platform works and help you explore the more profound shirts in how your audience relates to your brand in a world dominated by digital connections.

Brand building in the digital age
This course has a mission to show how the opportunity for digital is to build brands through great experiences and experience design.

Innovation for marketers
This course will give you inspiration, ideas and practical approaches to innovate even in challenging times.

Personal development (essential skills)

Marketing communications copywriting
This one day workshop provides guidance on how to write compelling marketing collateral from scratch.

Presenting with confidence
Top tips and techniques designed to make delegates say at the end of the day - 'I can't wait to give my next presentation!'. 

Creative thinking - understanding the creative process and learning how to have great ideas
Creativity may sometimes seem as if it's this magic elixir that agencies hold the secret to.  But creativity is a process not a gift and can be learnt by anyone.

Behavioural economics can change life - am only
A half day workshop on practical applications to brand building, changing behaviour and increasing sales

Specialist Skills


Strategic Marketing Communications 
In this interactive workshop we look at how to bring marketing disciplines together to create coherent and cohesive plans that maximise the communications potential.

Brand story - discovering how to emotionally connect with your customers
This workshop will help you understand what makes a great story and will show you how to create one for your brand. 

Guide to advertising and marketing communications
This course provides an exciting and informative day covering the entire landscape of marcoms and advertising.

Leveraging insights to deliver great marketing - am only
This half day workshop will demonstrate what great insights look like, reinforce the value across the marketing plan, from start to finish and inspire a belief in delegates that getting to a great insight is worth the effort.

Delivering a great marketing plan - am only
This half day workshop will focus on the three critical ingredients with more opportunity to practise and discuss examples than the discussion taster session. It will have more interactivity and opportunity for a frank Q&A than the taster session. 

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