CPD accreditation for ISBA training 

Continuing Professional Development - CPD - or continuous lifelong learning is fundamental to most professions. 

At ISBA we realise the importance of new knowledge, improved skills and the development of personal qualities and that’s why our training workshops are now CPD accredited.  

CPD is an educational system which seeks to: 

  • Operate throughout the working life of a professional 
  • Mirror the requirements imposed upon by professionals by their professional organisations and, equally important, by their clients 
  • Operate in s systematic and structured manner 
  • Cover the full range of knowledge and skills, personal, technical and commercial, required by a professional in their working life. 

Global competition is a factor in the lives of an increasing number of professionals. Clients are ever more aware of their rights and the levels of quality that they demand are continuously rising. New technology offers many new methods of working. Against this background has developed a commitment to new methods of learning and, in particular, to  Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  Indeed in our knowledge intensive world, some have argued that the only real source of sustainable competitive advantage in the ability to learn faster than the competitor. 

What do I need CPD for?  

  • Does your company have an internal CPD policy or PDP (Professional Development Plan)? 
  • Do you belong to a professional institution or association that requires you to complete an annual CPD programme? 
  • Are you a member of CIM and want to gain chartered marketer status? 

If you answer YES to any of these questions then you know you need to attend a number of CPD events to collect your minimum required annual CPD hours. This is on average 35 hours a year.    However did you know not all the CPD hours have to be gained from your institution? This is where ISBA can help you. By attending an ISBA CPD course you can increase your CPD by 6 hours for a full day workshop and 4 hours by a half day workshop and 2 hours for a legal seminar. Attend just 6 workshops in a year and you’ve done it! 

Why is CPD important for an organisation?  

A commitment to CPD encourages professionals to: 

  • Produce their own PCD plans to indicate their own personal and professional goals 
  • View CPD as a continuous process which will form a constant part of their working lives 
  • Ensure that CPD is concentrated upon enhancing their performance    

ISBA’s training workshops are CPD accredited. 

This means that delegates who complete the courses can use their attendance within their CPD portfolios for their professional institutes, bodies or organisation.  There are now over 320 professional bodies and institutes who have CPD and lifelong learning requirements for their individual members. Within many companies that are members of ISBA, there will be a fair proportion of employees that are members of any number of these institutes / bodies and will be seeking CPD accredited events to attend.    

Your organisations may also have internal CPD policies (alternatively known as PDP 'Professional Development Planning' policies), which will mean that their employees are required to undertake a certain amount of training per annum and compile it within a CPD record. - This is often intertwined with appraisal and development processes. 

Where else can I collect CPD?  

If you are already a member of a professional institution or association you will probably be aware of your personal CPD obligations. 

There are over 320 professional bodies and institutes who have CPD and lifelong learning requirements for their individual members. 

For details of all CPD providers click here. 

How is ISBA assessed for CPD?  

We submit our all our training plans and materials to the CPD assessors every 12 months. Every resource submitted for assessment will be carefully considered by one or more representatives from an independent panel of educationalists and technical experts in the relevant field. 

Assessors look for a balanced approach covering various aspects of any topic and ensure that the educational content is at an appropriate level for the target audience. 

Once approved the resource is awarded a certificate and can then carry the special CPD symbol which is increasingly widely recognised and respected. 

All of ISBA’s training workshops and legal seminars carry the CPD certification.  

How much CPD can I collect from ISBA?  

How much CPD can I collect from ISBA? 

One day workshops = 6 CPD hours

Half day workshop = 4 CPD hours

Legal seminar = 2 CPD hours

Which institutions / organisations require me to collect CPD? 

Law Society

Law Society