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About ISBA Webinars

Our programme of webinars have been developed to provide insight into some of the hottest topics and trends. Due to the busy nature of our industry, these informative online sessions last 45 minutes and aim to be interactive by inviting questions from participants.

Wherever you are in the UK, ISBA webinars provide a time effective training solution. Members can participate in the live sessions or view them on demand at a time that suits them.

How to best use video to interact with customers

11 July  ¦  12:45 - 13:30  ¦  Free & Exclusive to ISBA Members 

Run in association with MOFILM

How does a brand best use video to interact with customers? What kinds of videos do consumers need? How does video enable reaching new customers and what does success in video strategy look like?

The world of video content can be overwhelming. With so many platforms, formats and creative considerations it's often hard for brands to know where to start when attempting to reach their audience through video. With over 10 years experience working with brands and filmmakers to create compelling video content, MOFILM will be sharing their learnings and recommendations for creating effective short form, long form, series and real time video content.


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Protect your brand: how can you avoid inappropriate online content?

17 August  ¦  12:45 - 13:30  ¦  Free & Exclusive to ISBA Members 

Run in association with Integral Ad Science

We’ve seen a rise in concern around brand safety due to the recent headlines surrounding fake news, extremist videos and hate speech. Everyone is pointing fingers, but no one is offering a solution.

In this on-demand webinar, we explain how brand safety problems occur, how they can impact both direct and programmatic buys, and what can be done about them. We will reveal best practices so advertisers, publishers and technology companies can effectively tackle brand safety challenges.

Victoria Chappell, Marketing Director EMEA, Integral Ad Science

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For more information on this webinar, please contact Mark.

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