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Our programme of webinars have been developed to provide insight into some of the hottest topics and trends. Due to the busy nature of our industry, these informative online sessions last 45 minutes and aim to be interactive by inviting questions from participants.

Wherever you are in the UK, ISBA webinars provide a time effective training solution. Members can participate in the live sessions or view them on demand at a time that suits them.

The TV landscape in a world of uncertainty

22 Feb 2018  ¦  12:45-13:30  ¦  Exclusive to ISBA Members

For so many brands, TV has and continues to offer great value, impact and talkability.

Whilst this may look easy from the outside, TV companies have to juggle programming, news and societal change to deliver an attractive mix of top class programming and advertiser value. So, how is TV performing and how does a company like Sky Media ensure it reacts to the challenges of todays world.

Join us and experts on the TV landscape for insights on:

  • Overview of the landscape and how viewers are choosing to watch TV
  • Fake news and TV
  • As digital advertising spend reaches unprecedented heights (£9bn+) what is the future for TV?
  • How is TV responding and what’s the business case for TV?
  • Why data is becoming ever more important to the Sky model


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