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101: Understanding media barter

The media landscape is shifting faster than ever!  In the past it would be that technology and audience engagement were the key drivers for media change, but as we slowly recover from the pandemic many media options themselves are facing a fundamental shift in their own role within the marketing mix as the UK’s population alters its social, work and living habits.

In 2021, ISBA delivered you a series of thought leadership sessions on media and marketing fundamentals. Due to the popularity of the 2021 programme we have spoken to members about what subjects they would like to get more insight about in 2022. This fascinating programme of new insight sessions provides ISBA members with the opportunity to “deep dive” into key marketing channels.  It’s a chance to adapt your knowledge and to be inspired at this moment of change by the latest thinking and to revisit of the principles of each channel.

This is a special instalment of our 101 Knowledge Sessions on “Understanding Media Barter”. It’s a really important subject to understand and can add significant benefits to your campaigns overall value, as well as enabling you to potentially elevate your campaign and use a wider range of media routes. Pete Davis, the MD of getmemedia.com will be joined by David Jones, COO of Astus, the UK’s largest Barter Company. David has over 20 years experience at Astus, helping major businesses improve the value of their budgets and campaigns.  In this session we’ll be covering;
What you will learn:

  • What is Barter?
  • How does Barter work for brands?
  • What are the features, advantages and benefits of Barter? 
  • How does it work with my agency – What’s the process? 
  • Some insightful case studies
  • 5 key take outs and next steps for brands

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