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The London Business School CMO Survey 2021

In January the London Business School (LBS) carried out the UK’s inaugural The CMO Survey® , which has been running in the U.S. since 2008. 

Many ISBA members took part and LBS have designed an exclusive session for ISBA members to share the results.

During the session the hosts, Professor Nader Tavassoli, Academic Director of the Leadership Institute at London Business School and Founder and Director of The CMO Survey®, Professor Christine Moorman of the Fuqua Business School at Duke University will share insights on key marketing trends and metrics from 126 senior UK marketers, as well as look across to the U.S. results.

The findings include:
•    How marketers rank the importance of marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic
•    Whether it’s appropriate for their brand to take a stance on politically charged issues
•    Optimism in economic recovery
•    How marketing spend has changed 
•    What the future for marketing looks like

This event is aimed at CMOs and senior marketers.

The CMO Survey® was founded in 2008 by Professor Christine Moorman of Duke University. The aim of the survey was and remains to capture the views of marketing leaders on critical marketplace trends or company marketing activities and to provide benchmarks for marketing spending and actions within and across industries.
The CMO Survey® has established itself as a leading voice and provider of valuable insights in the U.S. The Leadership Institute at London Business School is excited to have been selected as the partner for the UK Survey and to share with you the 2021 pilot reports.

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