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WARC-SCOPEN Agency Scope results presentation

WARC-SCOPEN Agency Scope results presentation - Highlights on client-agency relationships after interviewing leading marketers in the UK .

WARC and SCOPEN, a leading marketing research consultancy, have partnered to produce the AGENCY SCOPE, an independent report on marketer-agency relationships, providing insights into the trends of the UK creative communications industry and the perception and performance of creative agencies.

The biennial research is based on both quantitative and qualitative research carried out in Q1 of 2021, including more than 150 interviews with senior marketers, with representation from: Aldi, Bacardi, BP, confused.com, Diageo, Essity, Ford, Heinz, J&J, Lloyds, Mondelez, NHS, Shell, Tesco, The Guardian, Unilever,…

Join this session, to hear the latest insights and trends on how marketers work internally, how they select an agency (media and creative), how they work with their current agencies and which are the main challenges for the future. The presentation will include benchmarks with other countries.

The study is aimed to leaders in marketing departments that want to understand how UK marketers make decisions when selecting partners, their working dynamics, and their reasons to change.

Members will understand client-agency relationships in the UK, and how they compare with global trends in our industry.

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