May 2022 – Tripartite Production COVID-19 Addendum

ISBA, the APA and IPA, are pleased to announce a third version of the tripartite addendum (TPA) which reflects changes in approach to guidance provided by the UK Government. This is the first update since September 2020 and will help advertisers, agencies and production companies in dealing with the potential risks and associated costs to productions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The primary changes in this version are to introduce an obligation on the parties to use the existing risk mitigation plan and summary documents. This enables and ensures the advertiser has the insight to make informed decisions on the risks before deciding to proceed with the shoot; and secondly, to put UK Government guidance at the forefront. 

It should be noted it still remains a framework document and should be reviewed by your appointed legal representative prior to signing.

You can view all the documents below.

Tripartite Production COVID-19 Addendum

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Agency Production COVID-19 Risk Overview

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COVID-19 Production Risk Mitigation Plan

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Tripartite Addendum TPA