We have set out a four-point manifesto which outlines our strategic priorities. We focus our actions against these priorities and measure our success against them.
  1. Champion improved standards in digital media to create a transparent, responsible and accountable market which serves the needs of advertisers
  2. Promote innovation in media and marketing, together with new ways of working, to improve effectiveness and ROI for advertisers
  3. Promote a diverse, high-quality media environment, offering choice for advertisers
  4. Champion the freedom to advertise responsibly and effective industry self-regulation
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Improved Standards in Digital Media

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ISBA believes that the digital media environment requires improvement if it is to serve our members' interests and we are addressing this at each stage of the digital supply chain.

Brand safety, ad fraud and lack of effective audience measurement continue to be critical issues for brand advertisers. Through its work with contractual frameworks with the agency community, its advocacy role with major platforms and its provision of advice and guidance, ISBA is focused on helping deliver required improvement.

Effectiveness and ROI

As customer journeys and the media environment have become more complex, so has the measurement of effectiveness. Brands also lack the foundation stone of trusted, independent measurement of commercial audiences in digital.

Robust, audited campaign measurement across digital platforms is needed on which improved evaluation of effectiveness and ROI can be confidently based.


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Media Plurality

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ISBA stands for a diverse media landscape. Advertisers need a choice of quality media environments suitable for their brands.

We will continue to represent the needs of advertisers when faced with undue market concentration.


ISBA is the advertiser’s representative in the heart of the self-regulation system.  Supporting effective self-regulation and promoting responsible advertising is central to our work.

The UK has a strong self-regulatory environment, funded by the industry. We will continue to play our part in ensuring the system functions effectively on behalf of the consumer and remains fit for the future.

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