Digital Accountability

Brand safety is a major concern for our members and we support any action which improves the environment where our members can advertise. We are seeing improvements in this area. That said, there is more to be done.

We are still seeing examples of brands appearing next to inappropriate content and we will continue to push for improvements.

ISBA firmly support the call for further self-regulation, particularly around content. We would like to see the platforms come together as an industry to introduce an independent self-regulatory system.

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Agency/Client Alignment

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Almost two years since ISBA launched its industry-changing Media Services Framework, version two was released in March 2018. Significant changes have been made reflecting the speed of developments in the marketplace since that time. 

Over the next year, ISBA will be working with members and agencies to adopt the new framework. It forms part of a broader project to ensure strengthened and sustainable business relationships between brands and their agencies.

Viewability and Verification

In March 2018 it was announced that ISBA was adopting a new viewability standard calling for advertisers to be given the facility to buy digital display at 100% in view. The current Media Rating Council (MRC) guideline is 50% in view.

ISBA recognises that different advertisers have different needs and that every advertiser should be able to buy at whatever viewability threshold(s) that delivers against their business objectives, including below 100%. The longer-term aim is for there to be a market where brands are able to buy their advertising
delivered as designed i.e. 100% in-view for full duration.

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Data Privacy

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ISBA has already provided members with a suite of information and guidance to support them as GDPR came into effect. However, the launch of the GDPR on 25 May 2018 was only the beginning of the process. 

The industry is still unpicking the implications for advertisers, of decisions made by publishers and platforms. ISBA will be working with members to deliver clarity. With regards to the new ePrivacy regulations, through our lobbying work and relationship with the WFA, we are working to lobby relevant Member State representatives and Commission members.