The new Advertising Experience MOT from ISBA, in partnership with consultants Derek Morris and Nick Manning, is designed as a comprehensive but succinct high-level test of a company's/brand’s approach to safeguarding the consumer, avoiding advertising bombardment and wasted investment.

It is a diagnostic process conducted by Morris and Manning with the brand’s marketing team. It requires a full day where the time is spent on a series of questions and challenges reviewing the detail of the five action points outlined in this paper. The output from the day is a ‘map’ of the advertiser’s performance in each area, highlighting any aspects that need deeper review. The follow-up response will be down to the advertiser. They can choose to improve the process themselves, address it through their existing agency partnerships or bring in third parties to help design a more expansive solution.

The MOT is not a pass or fail. It provides a reassurance that all is in place and no further action is needed or highlights what needs to be improved. It will be private and not published, but general learnings may be applied over time to best-practice knowledge-sharing across the advertising industry. Its goal is to help an advertiser improve the public’s experience of their advertising, thereby increasing its value and efficiency.

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Written 28th February 2020
By Phil Smith