ISBA's 2019 Annual Conference promised to set out a progressive and aspirational agenda for our industry. 

Thanks to the unparalleled insights from our speakers on key challenges such as trust, accountability and equality, we managed to do just that.

Combining both practical advice and an opportunity for genuine reflection, the content from the day is a must watch for any marketer and the good news is that you can now catch up on all of the sessions directly from the ISBA website! 

Conference Report

For a thorough overview of the key takeaways from the event, download our Conference Report. Written by journalist and industry commentator, Dominic Mills, the report provides highlights and insights from each session.  

Download the Conference Report >

Watch the sessions online 

Video content from all of the day's sessions (excluding Commander Jarrett) is now available to view in our video library:


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Written 12th March 2019
By ISBA Team