“Our members have long sought certainty from government on Brexit – on data adequacy, standard contractual clauses and employment status. We hope that, following this further six weeks of uncertainty, much needed clarity and certainty is delivered.

“ISBA and its members will study the manifestos for clear commitments on evidence-led policy and the legitimate role of brands when it comes to tackling public health issues; the establishment of a new independent regulator for social media platforms to tackle online harms and content regulation; recognising and strengthening the role of the advertising co-regulatory system; and proper funding for the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit.

“This election will see a myriad of claims made by politicians of all parties on posters, leaflets and, critically, online. Politicians expect brands to abide by rules which ensure their claims are legal, decent, honest and truthful. It’s time they were held to the same standards. This election campaign comes too soon for this to be addressed, but the next Parliament must ensure that this is resolved in legislation.”

Image of member
Written 30th October 2019
By Phil Smith