Media is constantly evolving. Television is no exception. While it has been the bedrock of marketing communications for decades, the medium is going through a transition in how it is delivered and consumed.

Although this means further fragmentation of the marketplace – as new players and technologies enter the market – it also means bigger opportunities for brands looking to engage more deeply with consumers.

Consequently, ISBA’s TV and Video steering group focuses on the development of TV and Video across all screens and runs and contributes insight on a range of areas, including audience measurement, regulation (such as the Contract Rights Renewal), technology advances, including Addressable TV, and ad quality (Brand Safety, Viewability and Ad Fraud).

Bobi Carley, head of TV and video at ISBA, sets the scene for the group’s work by challenging six enduring myths surrounding television and video.

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All businesses face the challenge of justifying their marketing spend and proving ROI. Yet, TV is particularly under the spotlight as companies face results pressure for quick results and activation, rather than investing in – what they understand as – longer term initiatives such as brand building and face the apparently delayed returns of TV, OOH, press, radio and cinema. 

The broadcasters need to work together and respond to clients and agency’s needs and questions. 

Part of this is a perception problem. Television has an exciting future and is an essential part of a balanced media plan but, placing it in a box marked ‘traditional’, or ‘old school’, media belies the fact it has been digital since 2013. 

At the same time, the nature of TV viewing is changing. Audience behaviour is polarised and becoming more diverse. Linear broadcasting is now only part of 21st-Century television viewing, which no longer solely relies on the major terrestrial broadcasters. Innovations, such as Addressable TV, are becoming reality.

Consequently, TV in its broadest sense is a significant part of the modern media mix and brands need it. As an industry, we need to challenge the main myths about the medium.

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Written 28th June 2019
By Bobi Carley