The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) have announced a number of new rules on the use of data for marketing. 

The new rules, which take immediate effect, have been introduced following a full public consultation and are designed to align with the standards introduced by the GDPR and ensure that CAP rules cover data protection issues 'most relevant to marketing'. 

The changes relate to Section 10 of the CAP Code, where a number of rules relating to 'pure data protection matters' have now been removed.

In addition, new definitions for both "Consent" and "Personal Data" have been added, while new rules covering areas such as persistent and unwanted marketing communications, transparency about data collection and the lawful basis for processing have now also been incorporated. 

The changes will be subject to a 12-month review. A full overview of the new rules can be found here >

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Written 06th November 2018
By ISBA Team