ISBA support both the aim of halving childhood obesity by 2030 and the need for a holistic response. We welcome the commitment to consult further on the introduction of further advertising and marketing restrictions and the acknowledgement of the strict rules already in place.

Whilst we oppose the introduction of a 9 pm watershed we will, as an evidence-led industry, support steps which can be proven to effectively and proportionately further reduce children’s exposure to HFSS advertising.

We look forward to seeing more details of the government’s proposed approach and to engaging constructively with a view to shaping a simple, evidence-led and proportionate outcome. In coming to a conclusion, it is vital that government recognise the steps already taken in this area and balance the ability of advertisers to communicate products to adult audiences with the need to address the issue of childhood obesity. Of course, any proposals should be justified with clear targets and independently assessed to assure government, industry and the public of their efficacy over time.


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Written 25th June 2018
By James Barge