The Scottish Government have today launched 'A Healthier Future - Scotland's Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan', outlining a tough new diet and health strategy. 

The new plan, launched by Joe Fitzpatrick MSP, emphasises the need to tackle childhood obesity and contains measures to 'restrict the promotion and advertising of foods high in fat, sugar and salt.'

ISBA supports an evidence-led, proportionate and targeted approach to tackling obesity. We recognise the role that our industry can play in developing an holistic approach to this complex and multi-dimensional issue. ISBA is committed to working with the Scottish Government, UK Government and Mayor of London in developing an approach which recognises the steps already taken by industry, the fact that the UK upholds some of the strictest rules in the world when it comes to HFSS advertising and, most importantly, the evidence.

Blunt instruments like a 9pm watershed and restrictions on food and drink promotions fail to account for any evidence as to their efficacy and instead risk hitting businesses and consumers in the pocket. ISBA stands ready to work with other trade associations and all of our members to deliver a package of measures which are evidence-led and best measured and calculated to actually tackle the issue of obesity. We will engage positively and constructively with the forthcoming consultation and call on the Scottish Government to work in partnership with industry.

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Written 02nd July 2018
By James Barge