EU privacy watchdogs want extension of Right to be Forgotten

27 November 2014

Privacy watchdogs want global regulation of right to be forgotten...


27 November 2014

Today's top stories from the world of advertising...

The ASA has warned video bloggers to clearly label advertising content

26 November 2014

The ASA has issued a warning to vloggers...


26 November 2014

Today's top stories from the media and advertising industry...

ABC issues first UK industry report into online ad viewability

19 November 2014

ABC certifies four viewability measurement products...

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ISBA's David Ellison: 15 take outs from the Real Time Advertising Summit

26 November 2014

David Ellison provides his top tips for advertisers after visiting...

Festival of Marketing: ISBA's Mario Yiannacou talks personalisation, content and programmatic

21 November 2014

ISBA's Mario Yiannacou attends the Festival of Marketing...

Don’t believe the hype

20 November 2014

Integral Ad Science's UK Managing Director Niall Hogan on the...

Festival of Marketing: ISBA's David Ellison on Programmatic Buying

15 October 2014

Ahead of the Festival of Marketing ISBA’s David Ellison shared...

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