Why Circus Street?

Discover Digital, ISBAs digital online learning partner have re-branded to Circus Street. The product is now greatly enhanced in terms of user experience, functionality of reporting and depth and breadth of content in all areas of Digital Marketing. Its already been used successfully by many ISBA members to up skill their teams in the fundamentals of digital marketing and with new content in areas like Programmatic Trading and Big Data in development, you’re able to keep your wider marketing teams up to speed with the key developments in digital. The certification programme with a leading London business school is also being expanded and as ISBA members, you continue to receive discounts on the cost of courses. It’s simply a better way to educate large groups of people in this increasingly technical subject. 

Who is it for?

If you’ve found yourself “improvising” in a new language without knowing the alphabet, there’s an answer to all the questions you were afraid to ask!

Perhaps you are a marketing professional, worried you’re not quite digitally savvy enough?

For example, are you

  • confident about your SEO
  • fully on top of your affiliate marketing
  • at home with how adservers work?

Maybe you’re responsible for your marketing team’s capability and concerned they are not keeping pace with digital developments and practices?

If your organisation’s digital expertise is trapped in a silo and spreading understanding across the marketing team would make your marcomms more effective, Circus Street’s e-learning will help break down barriers and provide your team with a common language.

What is it?

  • A modular online programme giving confidence in the essential foundations of digital media and marketing 
  • Professional presentation combines with sophisticated animation 
  • A variety of visual styles lend clarity to complex subjects and make them memorable
  • The high degree of interactivity engages learners and embeds learning 
  • Learners control their own development, accessing the programme at their own pace, when they want, from wherever they want  
  • Pre and post-testing around each module lets you learn from mistakes and gives feedback on development 
  • Managers too can monitor progress via the learning management system

What Circus Street can do for you

For companies wishing to benefit from the flexibility of online learning, this course is a time-efficient and cost-effective way to build capability. When building that capability at scale, the efficiencies are even greater. Better still, ISBA members will enjoy further cost benefits. (See below)

ISBA Member Benefit

ISBA members will enjoy a reduced cost for setting up the programme and purchasing their user licences. 
Want to view a Circus Street demonstration video? Click

Next Step...

To find out more or to benefit from the reduced fee you’ll enjoy as part of your  ISBA membership, contact Mark Willock or call him on 020 7291 9020.