Media Leaders Steering Group

Media is becoming more complex in the pursuit of connecting with consumers in an increasingly complex and fragmented landscape.  

This newly established group will gather brand media leaders from across the industry to consult on key ISBA priorities and industry issues affecting all media channels including Agency/Client alignment, Platform Accountability and Regulation, Audience Measurement, Ad Quality (Brand Safety, Viewability and Ad fraud), GDPR and ePrivacy.

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TV & Video Steering Group

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Television has been the bedrock of marketing communications for decades. Whilst its benefits are well understood, we are on the precipice of fundamental change in how TV is consumed and delivered. 

The opportunities for brands to engage more deeply with consumers are promising but the landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented with the emergence of new players and opportunities for media consumption. This group is focused on the development of TV and Video across all screens delivering and contributing to work streams across Audience Measurement, Regulation (eg Contract Rights Renewal), Addressable TV and Ad Quality (Brand Safety, Viewability and Ad Fraud).

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Data Steering Group

The Data Group was initially established in 2017 to understand and address the requirements for advertiser compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Regulation.

While these remain core priorities in 2018, its remit is broadening to deliver and contribute to work streams that address Data Quality, Data Access & Ownership and Data Transparency.

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Insight & Effectiveness Steering Group

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Brands are under greater pressure than ever to demonstrate the effectiveness and value of their media investments in delivering return to the bottom line. However, the complexities and fragmentation of media, in particular in digital, are making this increasingly more challenging.

This group delivers and contributes to work streams addressing key challenges such as Digital Audience Measurement, Cross Media/ Channel Measurement, and develops industry best practice across Marketing Effectiveness and Balancing Long-Term Brand-Building with Short-Term Activation.

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Performance Working Group

Digital transformation is providing brands with uncharted opportunities to create different kinds of relationships with customers, establish new distribution channels, form new partnerships with media companies and put data at the heart of the marketing and advertising process. 

This evolution adds complexity to the advertising mix and requires the advertiser’s voice to be heard across an even wider range of industry matters such as search, affiliate marketing and direct-to-consumer marketing initiatives.

ISBA’s new Performance working group is bringing leaders together from all sectors to develop objectives and work streams for 2018 that will support advertiser spend in across performance channels.

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Programmatic & Automation Group

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Programmatic buying has quickly established itself as the dominant method of buying digital display, accounting for three-quarters of all digital display ad spend in 2016. 

Whilst it has revolutionised the way in which digital media is traded using automation to deliver efficiencies in the delivery and targeting of media, the complexities and lack of transparency in the programmatic supply chain have raised numerous challenges.
This specialist group will deliver and contribute to work streams addressing the key opportunities and challenges in programmatic buying affecting advertisers including Supply Chain Transparency, Ad Quality (Brand Safety, Viewability, Ad Fraud), Tech Tax (Value vs Cost), and Data Quality.

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Communications Procurement Action Group (COMPAG)

One of ISBA’s largest Groups, COMPAG members work together to collectively develop the marketing procurement function and its effectiveness; both internally within member companies and externally with the agency marketplace.

The Group provides a platform to share best-practice information and guidance, highlight the latest thinking on relevant procurement issues and lobby where appropriate. The Group is open to all members with experience in the procurement function.

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