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Member involvement is central to leading change in the industry

As a membership body, ISBA thrives on the collective involvement of its members. We are led by our Council made up of senior members such as CMO’s. Our Executive Committee oversees direction and delivery of strategy and is made up of Marketing Director level members.

Our member led Steering & Working Groups are central to the delivery of specific outputs that members need. Each ISBA group has its own area of focus and, where relevant, work streams. These reflect industry issues and areas of concern raised by members. The groups share insights and feed directly into ISBA’s core strategy.

To read the Media Steering Group outputs you can do so here.

All ISBA members groups are by invitation but if you are interested in joining one, please email

Member group

Digital Governance

This Group addresses the challenges of a digitally data-driven marketing and advertising ecosystem and supports advertisers navigating legislative and regulatory compliance, plus provides a wide discursive forum to explore the growing importance of digital data governance – including ethics – in all aspects of marketing and advertising. 

Working closely with the WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) to provide Data Ethics guidance, this group meets to hear from digital governance experts to build and share a solid understanding of how advertisers need to manage data risk management and ethical deployment of data while helping their businesses maximise the efficiencies gained by adopting new technologies.

This group would be of interest to senior digital marketers, privacy officers, legal officers and corporate affairs.

2024 Priorities

  • Legislative and regulatory update
  • The pitfalls and risks dealing with post-cookie tech and identity
  • Understanding risk management implications of integrating multiple tech partnerships across the supply chain
  • Managing the rapid adoption of AI
Member group

Food & Drink Working Party

This group has been at the forefront of the debate on some of the most controversial changes proposed by government in recent years – and will continue to be a major focus for ISBA in the months ahead.

As Ministers sought to ban ads for food and drink products high in fat, sugar or salt (HFSS), this group became the key industry forum for advertisers to align on their response, and to support ISBA’s engagement activity. Its members helped to secure amendments to the legislation, as well as a crucial delay in the implementation of the HFSS restrictions.

The group’s attention is now focused on the details of how the new law will work, and be interpreted – as well as on the industry’s long-term approach to food education and physical activity. It is also looking at issues such as the Scottish Government’s proposed changes to alcohol marketing.

This group will be useful to any ISBA members who are food and drink product manufacturers, with responsibility for marketing campaigns and/or public affairs activity

Member group

Future Operating Models (In-Housing)

A forum for members to discuss key challenges around the in-housing journey, understanding what the right operating model is in order to get the best commercial results e.g. understanding and controlling data, retaining talent and skillsets required, in housing vs agency”. 

Members are invited to share learnings from different operating models, gain different perspectives and hear from industry thought leaders in all areas from platforms to people to processes. 

This group is of interest to all levels with an interest in operating models. Topics also include AI, automation, integration of media & creative, integration of Media & CRM. 

Member group

Inclusion Network

The ISBA Inclusion Network is working with ISBA members and the wider marketing communications industry to ensure all marketing and media communications and advertising produced is representative of contemporary society. 

The group is made up of individuals with varying responsibility within their organization from marketing director to diversity, equity and inclusion lead highlighting the impact that DE&I has across all levels within our members. 

This group is of interest to all levels with an interest in incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion within their marketing, marketing comms and advertising.  

2024 Priorities

  • Accessible Advertising
  • Progressive Trading
  • Build the business case
Member group

Influencer Marketing

This group works to engage with, understand, and harness the phenomenon that is influencer marketing – a still-evolving aspect of advertising that brings challenges and opportunities.

We engage with regulators to discuss the latest requirements on ad disclosure, with influencers themselves, and with those who are building new ways of measuring reach and demonstrating ROI, to help our members stay ahead of developments.

Over the past 18 months, the group has led the industry with the publication of a Code of Conduct for brands, talent agencies and influencers – ensuring regulatory compliance, backing greater diversity, and enabling our members to employ authentic and effective influencer marketing.

This group is aimed at members from across disciplines with involvement in influencer marketing, from legal officers to social media managers and marketers who manage their brand’s influencer relationships.

Member group

Insight & Effectiveness

With brands under greater pressure than ever to demonstrate the effectiveness and value of their media investments this group addresses key challenges such as digital audience measurement, cross-media/ channel measurement, balanced attribution solutions and long-term vs short term. 

This group is ideal for senior marketers with an interest in media effectiveness and keen to work with other members to develop best practice. 

2024 Priorities

  • Data Operations
  • Measurement Ecosystem
  • Marketing Marketing
Member group

Marketing Procurement

Exploring innovations and seeking solutions to key communication issues encountered by ISBA’s Marketing Procurement community; we work together to collectively develop the marketing procurement function and its effectiveness; both internally within member companies and across the agency landscape.

We do this by sharing best-practice information; producing best-practice guidance; hosting virtual meetings; and tackling industry issues.

This group would be of interest to any member involved in agency management, procuring agency or media services.

Member group

Media Leaders

This group is made up of experienced media practitioners champions the needs of UK advertisers by working with media owners, tech vendors and other industry bodies to achieve transparency, accountability, consistency in measurement and greater brand safely in media.

This group would be of interest to senior marketers who are senior budget holders who have an interest in the broader media market.

2024 Priorities

  • Team of the Future
  • Technology
  • Measurement
  • Responsible Media
  • Retail Media
Member group

Performance & Programmatic

This group is made up of senior representatives from all market sectors, sharing their expertise, insight and challenges working within this rapidly developing media environment.  The group develops best practice across digital channels while keeping a clear focus on innovation, measurement and changes in the media landscape. 

This group would be of interest to senior marketers who are specialists in performance and programmatic marketing. 

2024 Priorities

  • Adtech Leadership
  • Creative Effectiveness
  • Data Partnerships
  • Future of Measurement
Member group

Strategic Policy Action Group

ISBA’s Strategic Policy Action Group provides our members with a public affairs and corporate communications forum for cross-cutting conversations with influential figures, commentators and politicians. The Group is open to ISBA members across disciplines and sectors who are striving to meet – and shape – the political and reputational issues confronting advertising and marketing in the UK. 

This is a forum with not only a focus on public policy, but which also takes a wider view on trends in our industry and strategic challenges.

The Group would be useful to any ISBA members who have an interest in political, legislative, and regulatory developments. 

Member group

Sustainability Forum

This group works to understand the questions, concerns and barriers that ISBA members face in moving their advertising operations toward net zero. The outputs from this group will help to inform ISBA’s position on issues of environmental sustainability and climate change, and creates a forum for feedback between ISBA members and wider industry initiatives, including those led by Ad Net Zero and the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA).

ISBA is a signatory of the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, which include a commitment to halve emissions by 2030, and achieve net zero by 2050. ISBA has also signed the WFA Planet Pledge, a global commitment to make marketing teams a force for positive change both internally and with the consumers who buy their products and services. The Pledge seeks to find a clear role for marketing as a positive force for environmental change by encouraging CMOs to act in four key areas:

  • Commit to being a champion for the global Race to Zero campaign both within their organisations and to encouraging their marketing supply chain to do the same;
  • Scale the capability of marketing organisations to lead for climate action by providing tools and guidance for their marketers and agencies;
  • Harness the power of their marketing communications to drive more sustainable consumer behaviours; and
  • Reinforce a trustworthy marketing environment, where sustainability claims can be easily substantiated so that consumers can trust the marketing messages they are presented with as they seek to align their own consumption with their values.

This group would be of interest to ISBA members across sectors and disciplines, who have an interest in issues of climate change, environmental sustainability and net zero, and are seeking practical measures to deliver industry action.

Member group

TV & Video

The TV industry is fundamentally changing both in the way TV is consumed and delivered with an increasingly fragmented landscape. This group, made of up of senior media leads, seeks to ensure there is knowledge to allow our members to navigate this new AV world whilst at the same time, relentlessly challenge the marketplace so that advertisers’ interests are protected, and the effectiveness of their campaigns can be truly measured. 

This group would be of interest to senior marketers with an AV budget and an interest in the evolving landscape

2024 Priorities

  • Evolving TV Landscape 
  • Trading evolution
  • Future-proofing measurement
  • Levering data