Accessibility on our site

This website has been created with Accessibility in mind. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can access the information published on our website and that the site meets WAI AA standards.

In addition, the information below will help you in customising your computer to provide you further with the most accessible web experience on our website.

Help with viewing our website

Here are some external links to further information on adjusting your browser to make text larger or to change the colours: 

Google Chrome low vision and screen reader support

Microsoft Edge accessibility features

Mozilla Firefox accessibility features

Safari (covering Apple product accessibility features)

Older material

Unfortunately, it's not possible to guarantee that older material that has been published previously will meet accessibility criteria. Much of this legacy material was created without following accessibility standards and is now very difficult to update to modern accessibility standards.


If you have any feedback about the accessibility of our website, please contact us. Your comments will help us improve our website in future and we aim to be able to respond to your query in the first instance within 3-5 business days.