In order to provide relevant support and guidance, ISBA’s campaign agenda is member led and our priorities are based on their needs and interests.

Our priorities respond to today's industry issues and range from championing improved media standards and the freedom to advertise responsibly, through to promoting innovation in the evaluation of effectiveness, together with a diverse media environment, offering choice for advertisers.

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As the advertisers' voice in the industry, ISBA works on behalf of our members in a number of ways.

From regular updates and knowledge sharing, to guidance and support, through to active representation of our members' position, ISBA exists to champion the advertisers' cause and promote a responsible and accountable industry.

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Marketing Excellence

Achieving excellence is the aim of every marketer. ISBA works with members to achieve this goal.

We offer marketers guidance, proprietary information and examples of best practice to help marketers work more effectively and efficiently. We curate a programme of activity designed to build the skills of individual marketers at all levels. This includes regular peer to peer fora and networking opportunities, tailored and effective communication and training.

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We are governed by senior practitioners drawn from our membership

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Executive Committee

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The ISBA Team