All In to award inclusion champion status for UK advertising companies

All In, the industry’s drive from the Advertising Association, the IPA and ISBA, to build a workplace for UK advertising where everyone feels they belong, has announced it will award ‘All In Champion’ status in summer 2022 to companies that evidence completion of actions from its Action Plan. Initially three actions to improve the representation and experience of Black, Disabled and Working Class Talent, a further six actions will be added during Q1 across Gender, Age, Asian Talent, Mental Health and LGBTQ+. These new actions are being developed by the Advertising Association’s Inclusion Working Group in partnership with industry pressure groups including MEFA (Media for All), WACL, Bloom, Outvertising, NABS and 40 Over Forty.

The work will build towards a repeat of the All In Census, a landmark survey completed by more than 16,000 people from advertisers, agencies, media owners, tech platforms and production companies in March this year. To help companies prepare to apply for ‘Inclusion Champion’ status, All In is running a series of free-to-attend sessions providing guidance on how to complete each action. More details on the sessions can be found here.

In addition, the All In Hub, a depository for resources to help employers build an inclusive workplace, has continued to develop with over 100 initiatives now available for companies to easily access.

Bobi Carley, Head of Media & Inclusion Lead, ISBA, said: “Nine months after the All In Census, it’s great to see part two of the Action plan roll out. The Census showed that there are so many areas in our industry that need attention but the positive is that there are so many expert groups who are driving change. Together we want to ensure everyone is aware and working together to make our industry a place where everyone feels they belong and it’s brilliant being involved.”