Andrew Mortimer and Scott Moorhead team up to establish The Aperto Partnership

The Aperto Partnership will build upon the successful business and valued ISBA partner Aperto One, which launched in 2016 and is a trusted advisor to several ISBA members including Barclay’s, Sky, L’Oréal, Direct Line Group and KP Snacks.

Aperto One has supported ISBA in a number of areas including guidance on media agency reviews, remuneration models and contracts. They are recognised as a market leader in building sustainable agency relationships and helping advertisers with the selection and management of their media auditors.

Mortimer was a member of the ISBA Executive Committee when he worked as Director of Media for Sky, the UK’s largest advertiser.  He left Sky on 31st December 2020 to create the partnership business with Moorhead.

This new leadership team gives clients access to Moorhead and Mortimer’s unique expertise and recent backgrounds from senior roles in marketing, media group trading and advertising sales.

Scott Moorhead said: “Andrew is well known in the media industry as one of the most impressive and thoughtful media clients.  His recent client background and breadth of experience on the agency and media owner side is unique in the media advisory market.  I am excited to work with him on the next stage of the Aperto journey.”

Andrew Mortimer said: “In my time at Sky I was fortunate to work with almost all of the independent media advisors.  Scott’s expertise and real practitioner knowledge of media trading and agency operations is unmatched by any other media consultant.  I have admired him for a long time and am thrilled at the chance to work with him and the team.”

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