Conscious Advertising Network (CAN)

Speaking at the UN this week, Jake Dubbins introduced the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) - a voluntary coalition, whose mission is to stop advertising abuse. 

In an advertising ecosystem where brands can inadvertently fund fake news and extremist content, Dubbins co-founded CAN to act as a catalyst for brands, agencies and adtech to consciously change the way they operate and ensure that industry ethics catch up with the technology of modern advertising. 

Proudly supported by ISBA, the initiative has already garnered the support of over 30 organisations, including brands, industry bodies and media agencies.

CAN has created six different manifestos: 

  • Ad fraud should be eradicated
  • The industry and content it produces should be as diverse as we are
  • Neither hate speech nor deliberately misleading ‘fake news’ should be funded by brands
  • Consent should be informed and people seen as active participants in their online experience
  • And, as forms of advertising to or around children evolve, so should the safeguards to their wellbeing

How to get involved

CAN is due to launch officially in January 2019, however, brands are urged to get involved and embed the Network's criteria in company internal policies, creative guidelines and agency briefs. 

To sign up or download all of the manifestos, visit the CAN website or contact the CAN team

View Jake's full speech to the UN here > (from 40:15 onwards)