Cutting through the clutter, making sense of the hype

Digital attribution is no replacement for marketing effectiveness, which itself would be poorer without well-set digital attribution parameters when as much as half a marketer’s ad budget is now spent on digital advertising.

This initial premise drove the creation of Cutting through the clutter, making sense of the hype white paper, authored by ISBA’s strategic partner Ebiquity and our member steering group for Insight & Effectiveness.

The research, measurement, insight and planning experts who make up the Steering Group, have become increasingly alarmed by the head-turning appeal of instant but short term analytics as a proxy for a more complex marketing effectiveness econometric models.

The group concluded that we needed to demystify the roles of analytics and marketing effectiveness and the resulting white paper concludes that:

  • While attractive, digital attribution is not a panacea, but an important component of marketing effectiveness
  • We need to establish clearer standards and consistency around what can be very diverse solutions from the supply chain
  • The growth of short term measurement is impacting long term brand valuation
  • Fully functioning marketing effectiveness stems from an organisational effectiveness culture
  • That culture starts from the top – a mandate and leadership from the CEO and supporting the CMO who leads the change

The white paper also outlines a seven-point blueprint for success. For example, these include:

  • co-creating attribution models by marketers, agencies and attribution solution suppliers that are built for the long term,
  • aligning and agreeing on marketing success criteria up front
  • selecting the right tools and measurement techniques

Download your copy of the ISBA / Ebiquity Cutting through the clutter, making sense of the hype white paper now.

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