Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) announces new guidelines

The coalition of multinational advertisers, agencies and platforms led by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) is releasing a series of new guidelines to provide brand owners with critical assurance on the safety of platforms for users. 

GARM is also working with the WFA’s National Associations Council to ensure the whole framework, including the new misinformation guidelines, is applied at a local level through national advertiser associations. 

The new guidelines are: 

  1. Misinformation definition
  2. Adjacency Standards Framework
  3. Aggregated Measurement Report

The new misinformation guidelines have been designed to provide a structure for demonetizing misinformation. Meanwhile, the new Adjacency Standards Framework aims to ensure that media placement in safe but sensitive content is done in a more controlled way by advertisers, agencies and platforms alike.

GARM is also starting work to help industry stakeholders better understand brand safety principles and requirements within new metaverse spaces and follows Volume 3 of the Aggregated Measurement Report.

ISBA has long been a leading voice in the UK industry on the issue of brand safety. In the last five years advertisers' focus has shifted from the control of advertising adjacency to encompass the bigger question of advertising and social responsibility.

As a key member of the steering group, ISBA has provided expertise and perspectives from the work we have done in the UK to contribute to the priorities of GARM. 

ISBA has resources to help you navigate the issue of online harm along with key resources to help you manage where your ad lands. If you want to know more, please contact Stephen Chester on

You can also read the full press release here and download the GARM progress report