Introducing BRiM - a new cross-industry collaboration to improve Black representation in marketing

Bobi Carley
Head of TV & Video / Diversity & Inclusion Lead at ISBA

We know that the marketing industry lacks Black representation, particularly in management and leadership roles. 

One third of Black people believe their group is represented in a tokenistic way in the advertising it creates. 

To tackle this, a group of the world's largest advertisers and agency partners, supported by an advisory panel of industry experts, have come together to create Black Representation in Marketing - or BRiM for short.

BRiM aims to harness the collective power of our industry to tackle the challenge of bringing more Black people into marketing and provide support systems to see them thrive.

The focus for the collaboration is to create meaningful change at every level within the industry - to move us all from good intentions to meaningful actions.

The first phase of the BRiM initiative is the launch of a framework which features principles, commitments, and easy to access and use tools to help each of us implement real change. 

ISBA and our members are committed to advance industry progress towards greater Diversity & Inclusion, through advertiser engagement. This framework provides another valuable tool for our members to ensure they achieve this. The framework is available for free for anyone to access via the Advertising Association’s website. You can also find out more at the BRiM launch event on Wednesday 5 May - sign up here

The tools and principles included in it have been crowdsourced from across the industry, and aim to equip you as brands and your agencies with some simple steps to adopt to create real change and deliver fairer Black representation.  

By joining the BRiM community, people commit to an ongoing and measurable journey to educate themselves and improve Black representation in marketing for the long term.

Together, we can all bring about a positive change to create fairer Black representation in marketing. 

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