ISBA announces support for Agency Scope study

Abi Gibbons

ISBA is delighted to be working with WARC and SCOPEN on their respected study AGENCY SCOPE 2021.

Now in its fourth edition, AGENCY SCOPE is a study of the communications agency marketplace, comprised of over 350 interviews with the marketing directors of the largest and most admired brands in the UK and about 300+ interviews with agency professionals. The study provides those who take part with a better understanding of the latest developments in the advertising marketplace and in exchange for their participation they receive a report with the main conclusions.

ISBA will be inviting senior members to participate in the study and will be holding an exclusive event in June to share the findings.

Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA said “The agency marketplace is always changing and understanding those changes is critical for Marketers. We are looking forward to sharing the results of the study with our members.”

Cesar Vacchiano, President, SCOPEN comments: "SCOPEN has collaborated with many advertisers Associations around the globe and we are very proud that ISBA is once again supporting AGENCY SCOPE in the UK, as they did when the study was launched in 2012. The information and data provided by so many key decision makers will help other marketers and agency leaders make strategic decisions during these uncertain times and enable them to grow."

Paul Coxhill, EVP & Managing Director of WARC commented: “The support of ISBA is indicative of the rigorous research and valuable findings of Agency Scope UK. WARC and Scopen have partnered to deliver this unique UK market study to enable agencies to understand and respond to the rapidly changing marketplace based on client and wider market feedback. ISBA and its membership base plays a critical role in ensuring that this feedback is useful, relevant and actionable.” 

If members would like to participate please email